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The Camera sees Everything

Ken Owens Real Estate Photographer 

Our Business is helping our Real Estate Agents win more listings, show those listings in the best possible light and to sell those listings quickly and the best possible price.

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Preparing for a Home Photo Shoot ....  

Preparing for a Home Photo Shoot isn't easy but well worth the time and effort. Preparation takes time.

Let's make sure you get the best possible results. 

Professional Photos: The fundamental step towards introducing your listings to home buyers and sellers using powerful visual imagery that brings the listing to life and tells its unique story.


Before the Photo Shoot

1.Replace light bulbs with matching  bulbs & Turn on all lights

Edison bulds are inexpensive and give off a warm glow in PHOTOS

where LED bulbs give off a harsh white.

2. Put away shampoo, tooth brushes and toilet cleaning supplies

3. Set the table (optional).

4. Clean windows & Open all blinds.
5. Declutter store excess in a spare room or garage
6. Clean & turn off ceiling fans.
7. Turn off all TVs.
8. Remove personal photos and knick-knacks 

9. Put away shampoo, tooth brushes and toilet cleaning supplies
10. Ensure vehicles can’t be seen.


1. Remove all counter top appliances.
2. Clean back splash and range hoods, especially if stainless steel.
3. Remove all detergents, dish cloths, dish rack.
4. Remove all objects from refrigerator e.g., pictures, magnets.


Living Areas

1. Turn off TV and put remotes away.
2. Remove all toys, fans, game consoles.

3. Arrange books, neatly 
4. Turn off and clean ceiling fans.



1. Remove toys, books, games, tissue boxes.
2. Remove all personal items.
3. Ensure bedside lamps are working.
4. Remove posters/stickers from walls.
5. Clear away all clothes.



1. Clean tub and shower area.

2. Remove all soaps, face washers, shampoo, bath mats, toys, scales.
3. Remove all toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, hair dryers.
4. Make sure glass and mirrors are spotless.
5. Remove all non-matching towels.
6. Remove toilet cleaning utensils.
7. Ensure toilet roll is not empty.


Outside Areas

1. Mow the lawn and trim hedges.
2. Rake leaves and sweep driveway if needed.
3. Remove all gardening equipment e.g., hoses, rakes, wheelbarrows.
4. Remove weeds from garden area.
5. Remove all vehicles or boats from driveway. Don’t park in front of house.
6. Remove all toys.


Pool Area

1. Ensure pool is clean.
2. Remove all pool cleaners and poles.
3. Remove all pool toys.

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